Turn Key Solution

For anyone new to the phrase, a ‘Turnkey commercial kitchen solution’ means that the client will only have to turn a key to have the business or project up and running. Giving the client the time to focus on their concept, their team and all the other tasks involved in launching or re-launching a business.

Turnkey solution project managers are adept at managing every element of a full-service project, making use of multiple disciplines from back of house equipment and design to front of house furniture and interiors. Input from the client is reduced, making turnkey solutions efficient and cost effective & hassle free. Clients can expect a turnkey solution project to be returned to them and fully operable when they are ready. So why choose a turnkey catering contractor for your next project?  Turn key solutions take the stress out of projects, with one multi-discipline contractor to brief rather than multiple contractors. With one contractor, projects are naturally more efficient, saving money and time.