facility planning

A Food Facility is a complex organization performing specialized function in the manufacture, Sales , and services of food. The choice of equipment, the layout , and the physical factors supporting these function directly influence the success with which the facility operates. Cooking space should be designed scientifically to ensure maximum productivity, for it is the kitchen where the all important food is prepared and upon which all the revenue hinges. An orderly and logical study of the essential functions and the development of the facilities with maximum efficiency and high standard form the basis for layout planning. The needs, resources, and characteristics of a specific situation govern the functions to be performed. The essential functions, in turn influence the flow or sequence of operations, the equipment needed, and the space requirements. When the flow of work, the equipment and space as well as physical factors are considered together, the layout is largely determined. As per Commercial Kitchen Planner chapter focuses on the designing aspects of a kitchen, with emphasis on elements that need to be considered while planning a food preparation facility.

A kitchen plan or layout should be determined by the catering policy, even though a plan may often be limited by space available. The policy adopted, and the space and layout required for a kitchen to carry forward that policy, is affected by many factors such as the following

  •  Type of business
  •  Type of customer
  •  Seasonal pressures
  •  Possibility of expansions
  •  Type of meal
  •  Number of covers (guests)to be offered
  •  Timings of meals (will it be a lunch or dinner services, or day service)
  •  Cover turnover
  •  Type of equipment to be used
  •  Is allowance to be made for special functions?
  •  To what extent will ‘convenience’ foods be used?
  •  Total Floor space
  •  Position of windows, ventilation, drainage, water supply, etc.
  •  Type of service proposed – self service, cafeteria, waiter or waitress service.