bulk kitchen blog

Bulk kitchen is probably located at the central part of hotel or at a remote location, where overall sequence of food receiving, storing, preparing, cooking, serving, packing and holding areas are properly designed and managed. Technically, it is known as Central Kitchen having many sections. Hence, it may occupy a large space. This kitchen provides wide range of food varieties e.g. Indian, continental, oriental, Mexican, Italian, etc. through its respective section with the help of skilled/semi-skilled culinary crafts persons called chef-de-parties and commie cooks.

A main kitchen is usually located adjacent to room service, service bar, store, pantry stillroom, bakery, butchery etc. for efficient work flow in a hotel. It may have both a’ la crate and table d’ hotel menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This kitchen may serve up to three- or four-line dining restaurants simultaneously. There is often a separate kitchen for banquet and other activities.

New Aged Central kitchens are mostly being used as a kitchen Cooking, Holding, Chilling and transporting to various locations across the city serving many small/Large F&B outlets where the real estate is expensive or has less space for the kitchen. The HACCP plays a major role in design as the temperature its crucial for food safety. Each zone has to be planned in a meticulously detailed fashion.